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Airsoft: An Introduction

Everyone loves a good competition, and Airsoft offers just that. Airsoft is a team sport that uses replica guns capable of shooting plastic pellets to mark targets and simulate military battles.

Airsoft has become increasingly popular worldwide, and presents participants with the opportunity to hone their skills and gain an appreciation of military tactics. For novice players, the up-front cost may seem extensive, so it's important to know what is needed to fully participate and avoid the common pitfalls.

Airsoft replicas range from pistols to shotguns and from Contemporary Military Assault Rifles (CMARs) to sniper rifles. All guns are made from a mixture of wood, metal, polymer, and rubber. The firearms use a pneumatic system to propel 6mm or 8mm plastic pellets. Airsoft games can involve two teams against each other or teams playing side by side.

Airsoft is becoming the go-to sport for social activities and close-quarters combat simulation. It doesn't require extreme physical strength or agility although one must remain aware and active. Airsoft is a great way for those who love gaming, shooting, or military simulations to have plenty of fun, honing their skills and strategy without the need for dangerous guns.

The pros of Airsoft are plentiful. Players can recreate real-life scenarios on a budget, with no worries about safety, injury, or even the need for a shooting range. Airsoft allows for team-building, strategy, and appreciation of real-world weapons. It's also relaxed enough for a friendly competition or a serious, realistic simulation.

However, Airsoft does have a few drawbacks. Unless you have an arsenal of replicas, you must rely on rentals or a launcher that obtains its power from a gas or compressed air tank. Playing in the extreme cold isn't an option and the weapons are dependent on the weather. In addition, with all the added gear, it can get expensive and players need to be mindful of how much they are willing to invest.

This Mediterranean paintball and Airsoft company offers one ATM-7 model launcher with M4A1 replica and a 6mm airsoft painting pellets for 365. The launcher has a good weight balance with a folding shoulder stock, and is compatible with a wide range of accessories from multiple brands.

This Fjord Battle Range offers replicas and other equipment for rentals and indoor Airsoft sessions starting from 30 per participant. All replicas that are available for rent are easy to use and lightweight. The range has an area perfect for CQB (Close Quarters Combat) ranging from 10-15 minutes of close quarters simulations or longer ones outdoors.

How much does Airsoft cost?

Airsoft can range from $35-$200 per participant, depending on the type of package chosen. The cost includes protective gear, ammo, and a replica. The costs increase depending on the quality of the replica, and what extra material a participant may need.

How are pellets propelled?

Airsoft replicas are powered by electric, gas, or compressed air tanks. Most replicas use 6mm or 8mm pellets with a muzzle velocity of 250-350 fps. Depending on the replica, the loadout system used to propel the pellets varies.

The two biggest mistakes Airsoft players make involve not wearing the proper protective gear or not having the right replica. It's important to get the right replica, not only for accuracy, but for safety. A good replica should have a trigger lock to prevent injury and an impact-limited safety system.

In addition, participants should wear full face masks, protective gloves, and pads or armor. Even on the most elaborate military simulations, nothing else is necessary as the pellets will go through clothing.

When engaging in a military simulation, always lower your replica's muzzle to shoulder level before entering an area, and never address an enemy without first announcing yourself. The same goes for challenging an older or a weaker opponent: a polite dialogue or hand gesture is always expected before commencing.

In addition, when handling a replica, remember that all guns follow the same rules: always point it at a safe angle when engaging in a simulation, never aim it at a person, and always make sure it's unloaded before and after a game. Each of these rules will help everyone playing stay safe and get the most out of their Airsoft experience.

Airsoft is a fun and interactive game, and a great way for people to learn about weaponry and military simulations. It allows those with an appreciation of guns to hone their skills without putting anyone at risk. However, it can be an expensive endeavor, and participants must stay mindful of what they are purchasing and investing in.

Regardless of whether one is a novice or an experienced player, wearing proper protective gear and investing in the right replica are important to staying safe and getting the most out of this sport. With that in mind, Airsoft is an extremely enjoyable experience.

Happy shooting!

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