Airsoft Guns How Much Do They Hurt

How Much Do Airsoft Guns Hurt?

Point blank, Airsoft guns do hurt if the safety protocols are not adhered to. With that being said, Airsoft guns are often chosen as an alternative to paintball guns as they typically cause less pain than a paintball gun. When playing Airsoft, the general consensus is that a direct hit from an Airsoft pellet will cause a stinging sensation.

Airsoft guns are becoming increasingly popular, due to the realism of many of the models available today. The level of pain an Airsoft gun will cause is dependent upon a variety of factors. How much the gun hurts on impact depends primarily on:

The FPS (Feet Per Second) rating of a gun is the authoritative factor charting the hurt an Airsoft gun can inflict on impact. The higher the FPS rating, the greater the pain felt by the recipient.

In Airsoft, clothing worn helps reduce the pain of a pellet impact. Although clothing is likely to be marked by the shot, protective clothing helps to absorb the impact and reduce the amount of pain felt.

Distance plays an important role in Airsoft gun's ability to cause pain. The further away an opposing player is, the less the hit will hurt, as the velocity of the pellet will decrease over distance.

In general, heavier pellets travel slower, thus reducing pain when hit. It is important to note, heavier pellets are comparably more accurate than lighter pellets. Generally, the weight of the pellets ranges from .12 to .20 grams.

As previously mentioned, Airsoft guns are extremely realistic, with a variety of types available. The type chosen will affect the amount of pain incurred by a direct hit. Full-size AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns) with higher FPS ratings tend to hurt more than spring-powered pistols.

When using an AEG, the power and pain of a pellet impact can be adjusted. The gun's Velocity Governor can be tuned to adjust the hurt level. Depending on the rifle, some models may be able to hit targets over 120meters away. For tighter regulation, the Power Plug reduces the power and impact of the pellets, making the weapon ideal for CQB (Close Quarters Combat) play.

Despite the ability to adjust the pain level, it is important that safety protocols when using Airsoft guns are strictly adhered to. Manufacturers recommend the guns are used with the minimum settings possible.

When considering how much an Airsoft gun will hurt, it is important to consider the variety of factors that have an impact, as well as safety protocols. An Airsoft pellet is likely to cause less pain than a paintball, however, Airsoft guns can still inflict a sharp stinging sensation on direct impact. The FPS rating of the gun is the main factor determining an Airsoft gun's ability to cause pain. Other key factors include; the weight of the pellet, distance between players, and the type of gun being used. Generally, AEGs will hurt more than spring-powered pistols. Customization such as Velocity Governor and Plug Power reduce the impact velocity and help ensure a safe level of gameplay.