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Perhaps you were interested in trying airsoft but were put off by the potential cost. But, how much does it really cost to get involved in airsoft? Is it something that's feasible within your budget?

In this article, we'll examine the cost of airsoft and provide an in-depth view of what it takes to play (both monetary costs and otherwise). We'll look at topics such as airsoft guns and equipment, airsoft ammo, airsoft gear, entry fees, entry amenities and more. We'll go into detail about the necessary and optional costs and a give a comprehensive, overall layout of the total cost of the sport.

There are a variety of airsoft guns available today. Airsoft guns fall into three categories: spring powered, electric and gas.

Spring powered airsoft guns are often the cheapest option. These guns are mechanically driven which means they have to be cocked before each shot. Because of the manual cocking required, these guns can only fire one shot at a time. The average cost of a spring powered gun is around $40.

Electric airsoft guns are a bit more advanced than spring powered airsoft guns. They are powered by a rechargeable battery and are usually semi or fully automatic. The average cost of a basic electric airsoft gun is around $100-$120.

Gas airsoft guns are the most powerful and realistic of the three types of airsoft guns. They use either CO2 or Green Gas to propel BBs at a higher velocity with a louder sound compared to spring and electric airsoft guns. The average cost for a gas powered airsoft gun is around $150 and up.

Airsoft ammo, often referred to as BBs, is typically 6mm plastic pellets and come in different weights and sizes. The standard airsoft BBs are .12g. These are best suited for spring and electric powered airsoft guns. Higher grade airsoft BBs such as .20g or .25g are better suited for gas powered airsoft guns.

The cost of airsoft ammo can vary, but generally you can find a bottle of 2000 6mm .12g BBs for as low as $5. Higher quality 6mm BBs such as .20g or .25g are usually sold in smaller amounts and typically cost more per bottle.

Airsoft gear is essential for safety and is a must for playing the game. The most common airsoft gear are eye protection, gloves and tactical vests.

Eye protection is the most important piece of gear when playing airsoft. Eye protection should meet ANSI Z87.1 standards and be rated for impact resistance. The average cost for basic eye protection can range from around $10-$25.

Gloves are important equipment to wear when playing airsoft as it protects your hands from getting hurt as well as minimizes the effect of the BBs hitting your hands. The average cost for a pair of airsoft gloves is around $20.

Tactical vests not only looks cool but also provide a convenient way to carry your equipment on the field. The average cost for a basic tactical vest is around $50-$60.

One of the costs associated with playing airsoft is entry fees. These fees can vary depending on the field, the type of game, the number of players, and the duration of the game. On average, airsoft entry fees can range from around $5-$20 per person.

Some airsoft fields also provide entry amenities which can include masks, gloves, guns, and ammunition. These amenities can range from around $5-$20 per person, depending on the number of items included in the package.

This comprehensive list provides an in-depth look into all the associated costs of playing airsoft. To summarize, the total cost of playing airsoft can vary depending on the type of gun, gear, and amenities but is usually around $120-$200 for a basic set up.


Airsoft can seem like a daunting sport to get into, especially when thought of in terms of the associated costs. But, there are a variety of affordable airsoft guns, ammo, gear, and amenities that can help you keep the costs down. Do some research and shop around before you make your purchases and you'll be well on your way to enjoying this popular sport.

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