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Dry firing is an important technique used in the sport of airsoft, as well as other forms of firearms. It involves the practice of firing the weapon without any BBs (pellets) in the magazine or chamber. The purpose of dry firing is to improve trigger control, accuracy, and response time when shooting. With practice, a player can become comfortable and proficient in pulling the trigger without hesitation. This article will discuss the concept of dry firing, the reasons why it is important, and the best ways to go about it.

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What is Dry Firing?

Dry firing is the practice of firing an airsoft gun without any ammunition in the magazine or chamber. It is used in many gun sports and can be used to practice firing your weapon more accurately and with a greater response time. Dry firing is generally considered safe as long as you are following certain safety protocols such as unplugging the battery, checking for ammunition, or shooting into a pre-approved target.

The Benefits of Dry Firing

Aside from practicing with your weapon, dry firing can be used to develop improved trigger control skills, which can help when engaging in airsoft matches. It can also help you become more comfortable with different shooting styles, such as long range, CQB, or running target practice. With practice, players may find that they can pull the trigger without hesitation and without disturbing their sight picture or natural point of aim.

How to Start Dry Firing

Before starting dry firing, it is important to make sure your weapon is unloaded and the battery is disconnected from the gun. It is also recommended to have a pre-approved target in place. When you are ready to begin dry firing, you should start off slow and practice firing without ammunition while concentrating on proper trigger control. As you become more comfortable, you can gradually increase your speed and accuracy.

Safety Protocols

Even though dry firing is generally considered safe, you should still practice proper safety protocols. This includes clearing your weapon of ammunition before dry firing, unplugging your battery, and making sure you have a pre-approved target in place. Proper ventilation should also be taken into consideration as some materials used for dry firing can release small particles which may be hazardous.

Advanced Dry Firing Technique

For those looking to improve their timing and accuracy, advanced dry firing techniques can be helpful. This includes dry firing with magnetic targets, or with a BB rebuttal target system. Using a BB rebuttal target system, players can practice the "double-tap" technique, which fires two shots in rapid succession. This technique is especially helpful for close-range engagements.


Dry firing is a useful technique used in the sport of airsoft. By practicing proper safety protocols and concentrating on trigger control, players can become comfortable with their weapon and increase their accuracy. Advanced techniques such as the use of BB rebuttal targets can help improve timing and accuracy for close-range engagements. With practice, players may find that they can pull the trigger without hesitation and with greater accuracy.

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