Lowering FPS Airsoft Gun Guide

How To Lower Fps On Airsoft Gun

FPS stands for feet per second. It is the measurement of the speed of a BB pellet shot by an Airsoft gun. This speed is important as it is regulated by many airsoft fields to ensure players are safe. The higher the FPS, the more energy is transferred to a person when hit. Depending on the game, Airsoft fields limit the FPV to certain limits.

Lowering the FPS on an airsoft gun is beneficial for several reasons. One of the main reasons is safety. As mentioned earlier, a higher FPS means more energy is transferred to a person when hit and can cause serious injury. Airsoft fields usually have stringent regulations about what FPS a gun should be set at for a particular game. Generally, indoor fields prefer to have a lower FPS of between 250-400 whereas outdoor fields usually tolerate FPS higher than 400.

To begin adjusting FPS, the airsoft gun must be taken apart and inspected to make sure all components are functioning properly. It's important to make sure the gun is free of dirt, debris, and malfunctions that could lower the FPS before any adjustments are made. It's also a good idea to lubricate the entire gun with airsoft lubricant to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

There are two main components to adjusting FPS on an airsoft gun: the spring and the hop up unit. The spring affects the amount of pressure the gun produces when a BB pellet is fired. The hop up unit affects the spin and trajectory of the BB pellet when it is fired. Generally, the spring is the aspect people look to when they want to lower FPS. With a few tools and a replacement spring, a user can typically lower FPS by changing the spring. The tension on the spring can also be adjusted by either taking wraps off of it, or by using a tensioner, if the gun has one.

To lower FPS, the tension of the spring must be decreased. This can be done by removing wraps from the spring or in some cases, by adding a tensioner or adding internal o-rings to the spring to reduce the tension.

Once the spring tension has been adjusted, the internal components must be re-installed in the airsoft gun. It is important to make sure they are secured and in the correct order, as an incorrect installation could lead to a malfunctioning gun or drastically lower the FPS.

The hop up unit affects the spin and trajectory of the BB pellet. To lower the FPS, the hop up unit can be adjusted so there is less of a spin or no spin on the pellet. This can make a drastic difference in the FPS as the airsoft gun will not shoot as far or have as much power behind it.

Lowering the FPS on an airsoft gun is quite simple and straightforward. Adjusting the tension on the spring, reinstalling the internal components, and adjusting the hop up unit are all tasks that are involved and must be completed in order to achieve the desired FPS. It is important to always remember to wear the proper protective gear when shooting an airsoft gun and to understand the limits set by individual airsoft fields before playing.

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